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What Can Cause A Water Leak?

July 5, 2022 | Blog

Damaged homes, wasted water and unwanted organic growth are common risks that come with plumbing systems springing a leak. As pipework isn’t normally visible, you might not always know about any leaks that have formed. To keep your home leak-free, you have to understand and investigate the situations that cause leaks to develop.

If you can’t find the culprit behind your plumbing problems, the best option is to contact a leak detection company to complete the job. That’s why our team at Axsom Air has compiled a list of reasons why your plumbing system might have sprung that mystery leak.

Your Plumbing System Has A Broken Seal

When installing appliances in your home, contractors put seals around water connectors and in places such as the dishwasher door. Like everything, these appliances eventually age, causing the seals to break or wear out.

Clues that you might have a broken seal include condensation on, or puddles near, the appliances. If you spot either of these in your house, call for professional leak detection services as soon as possible.

The Lines Are Clogged

Clogged lines prevent you from getting water and air, a major inconvenience for anyone who wants a comfortable living situation. Besides causing an immense amount of irritation, clogged lines can lead to serious problems such as overflown or burst pipes.

If your air handler drain pans or gutters have any obstructions, this could lead to serious water damage, making plumbing services necessary. To keep clogged lines to a minimum, and your wallet full, keep your gutters and HVAC system clean.

Corrosion Within The Plumbing System

Similar to anything made of metal, rust and other forms of corrosion eat away at pipes as plumbing systems age. Leak detection services will be required immediately if there is discoloration or warping on your pipes.

Pipe Joints Are Becoming Damaged

Just as our joints connect are bones together, the joints of our homes’ pipes are responsible for connecting, well, our home’s pipes. However, just like we can have weak joints, the joints of a home’s pipes are the weakest part of the line. Over time, weak pipe joints can cause deterioration and leaks.

As they are on the inside of homes, pipe joints aren’t easily visible. Ticking or banging, especially when the hot water is turned on, indicates that the joints of your pipes might be under significant pressure. To keep your joints safe, pipe joints mind you, schedule plumbing services once a year and have a plumber evaluate your system.

Excessive Water Pressure

While some of us might like a certain amount of water pressure, excessive or uneven pressure can cause a strain on pipes. As pipes and faucets can only handle up to a specific amount of pressure, any extra can cause a leak.

If you’re concerned about leaks, call a leak detection company and have the professionals measure your water pressure.

Intruding Tree Roots

Leaks that start outside of homes are relatively common. When tree roots intrude on water lines, for example, they cause moisture to seep into your yard. Signs of intruding tree roots include new wet patches or sinkholes in your yard and a sudden drop in water pressure.

Water Connectors Are Loose

Hoses and pipes are responsible for supplying your household appliances with water. However, both can come loose and leak. Water connectors often come loose due to shifting, such as your washing machine hose starting to leak because of shaking during the spin cycle. Water running directly from the supply line or puddles forming around your appliances are two indicators of a leaking water connector.

Rapid Changes In Temperature

Pipes are forced to expand and contract when their temperature changes unexpectedly and extremely. This expansion and contraction, especially when caused by freezing temperatures, can lead to cracks in the pipes. Pay attention to the way your plumbing performs and, if necessary, call for leak detection or plumbing services.

Call For Leak Detection Services Today!

To keep your plumbing system running efficiently, act like a detective. Look for clues to something being wrong with your system and match them up with any possible culprits using the information above. Call Axsom Air for our professional plumbing and leak detection services to keep your system running smoothly for as long as possible!

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