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Generator Installation

Generator Installation In Natchitoches, LA

With hurricanes, floods and other severe weather events commonly threatening Louisiana throughout the year, it’s more important than ever to prepare your home for power outages. When your electricity is out, everything about your life changes. The dependable heating, cooling and daily activities you once took for granted are out of order — and you can’t so much as turn a light on!

Backup generator installation has become one of the most popular and effective solutions to home power outages. Axsom Air is proud to provide generator installation in Natchitoches, LA. If you’re worried about staying safe and comfortable the next time you have a blackout, it’s time to invest in generator services from Axsom!

Benefits Of An Emergency Backup Generator

Your power outages may not have been too serious or may have lasted only a few hours in the past. But what happens when the power is knocked out for days — or weeks? Suddenly, your safety is put at risk and the likelihood of hundreds of dollars of food waste is high. Below are some of the top reasons that Natchitoches homeowners are investing in backup generators.

Heating & Cooling

Whether your electricity fails in the heat of summer or the middle of winter, extreme temperatures can quickly harm your family. With a backup generator powering your air conditioning system, you won’t have to worry about the temperature – and you’ll stay much more comfortable.

Save Your Food

At any point in time, you may have hundreds of dollars worth of food in your fridge and freezer. As soon as the power goes out, your food is on a timer. After several hours, frozen items begin defrosting and all your food starts to spoil. With a backup generator to power your food cooling appliances, you don’t have to stress about the risk of wasted food and drinks. Plus, you can freely open and close your fridge to access food without worrying about letting all the cold air out!


Your food will be kept fresh by your refrigerator, but a generator can also power your oven, stove and microwave. Having these perks may not be the top priority if your home is facing a weather emergency, but access to cooked food can dramatically change your experience if the power remains out for days after the weather has passed. A backup generator can provide meals for your family while you wait out the blackout.


One of the most obvious perks of having electricity is maintaining your lighting! Continue about your normal day without being at the mercy of the sun — or at least be able to see the space you live in while the weather passes through. Not all generators can stretch to cover home lighting, but it’s an option available to you.

Other Electrical Systems

There are many electrical systems that make up your daily activities — some you may not even realize until you can’t use them! Electric water heaters can’t warm your water without power, garage doors and entry gates can’t open and close and more. A backup generator could help keep your home at normal function during a power outage!

Speak To A Professional

If you have decided to invest in an emergency backup generator, the process is just getting started! There are many different sizes, brands and types of generators available to choose from. We strongly recommend having a professional help you assess what you need to power the areas of your home. You may only be concerned with a couple of big appliances, or you may want more. Speak with one of our team members to invest in a generator that actually matches your needs effectively and safely.

Local Generator Installation

When you need a generator company that you can trust to install and service your whole-home generator, count on the team that Natchitoches trusts for home services. Axsom Air is here to ensure that your home is powered through stormy weather and sunny. Contact us today to make an appointment with our experts!

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