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Ductless AC Services in Natchitoches

With the sheer amount of time you spend running your air conditioner to ward off the heat in Louisiana, you may be sick and tired of your energy bill arriving every month. Did you know that traditional HVAC systems aren’t your only option for home cooling? Ductless AC installation could be the investment that changes your entire Natchitoches household’s comfort and efficiency!

While many of our customers are installing ductless systems in their homes, there still remain many people who are unfamiliar with these dynamo heating and cooling systems, also known as ductless mini-splits or ductless heat pumps and ductless air conditioners.

Axsom Air has been installing and servicing mini split AC units for years, and we have seen the positive effects these modern systems can have on your home and family. If you’re ready for more efficient cooling, consider talking to one of our air specialists to find out if your home is the right fit for a ductless AC!

The Ductless Difference

The most noticeable distinction when comparing a ductless system with a traditional HVAC system is its lack of ductwork, thus its name. A ductless system is a heat pump or air conditioner, so when you select a model, it will either provide both heating and cooling for you or air conditioning only.

A more traditional forced-air HVAC system, such as a furnace and air conditioner, has a large physical footprint. It requires both specific and considerable-in-size locations for its installation, as well as extensive connections to ductwork. Since these ductwork connections are needless with a ductless system, installation can exist almost anywhere in your home. The system is comprised of only the indoor unit, a small outdoor unit housing the compressor and condenser, a condensate drain, and the refrigerant tubing and suction tubing, as well as a power cable, all running between the indoor and outdoor units.

Many of our customers choose a ductless system for their additions, garages, basements, and areas in their homes with uneven heating. Anywhere it would be difficult to tap into your current ductwork is an ideal candidate for this type of system.

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Split Installation In Natchitoches?

Besides the absence of ducts, there are several advantages to going ductless. Mini-splits use different technology than traditional AC systems to achieve higher comfort at lower rates of energy consumption.

Zone Control

Ductless AC systems use zone cooling technology to more accurately cool your home. They achieve this by placing the air handlers, which are located directly on the wall, in high-traffic areas of your home. This means that you can individually control which areas are being cooled instead of cooling the entire home at one time.

Reduced Utility Bill

Since the system is designed to use less energy to cool your home, your energy bill will reflect this reduction in energy use. You might be surprised at how much savings you see from this simple switch to ductless.

Flexible Aesthetics

We know that any addition to your walls can disrupt your interior design, but the ductless AC air handler is crafted to be sleek and small. With customizable colors available, you have the choice to hide your air handler or make it less intrusive.

Fewer Repairs

The unit will begin saving you money when it performs more efficiently than your old one. However, ductless units are also less likely to need repairs than other cooling systems. You will likely save money over the years having to deal with very few repairs.

Natchitoches Ductless AC System Services

Whether you are ready to install your new ductless unit or you need ductless repairs and maintenance for your existing system, you’ll need a trustworthy team of experts to help you out. Axsom Air is your best choice for ductless AC services. Depend on the team who treats you like family – because you’re our neighbors! Give us a call!

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