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3 Electrical Upgrades For Your Home

February 28, 2023 | Blog

Beginning new home projects can be exciting. Whether you’re renovating your entire house or just revamping a room, making the necessary upgrades can make or break your home’s value in the future. If you’re wondering about upgrading your electrical facilities, it’s a great way to increase your home’s value through renovation.

Here at Axsom Air, we pride ourselves on being Natchitoches’ expert HVAC, electrical and plumbing company. We understand the importance of modern electrical appliances, as the new technology can make your home safer and more innovative. Some of the best electrical improvements that you can get for your home are upgrades to resources you already have.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel in your house is a metal box that houses your breaker switches and fuses. These are very important for the safety of your house, as they receive incoming power from the utility company and supply it throughout your home. This provides electricity to all your lights and appliances.

Upgrading your electrical panel can have a lot of benefits for your property value as well as your electrical appliances as a whole.

First, the electrical panel upgrades make your panel much safer by reducing the risk of electrical fires due to frayed wiring. Second, the better power quality and increased energy efficiency can save you money over time, supplying more electricity for less cost. Finally, an electrical panel upgrade reduces the risk of overloading, which can decrease the amount of power outages your home experiences.

Whole-Home Surge Protection For Emergencies

There are a lot of different benefits to investing in surge protection for your home. If you’re consistently experiencing extreme weather and facing electrical outages, surge protection will protect your electronics and prevent severe power surges from affecting your devices. A power surge can damage your electronics and appliances permanently, as well as occasionally result in fatal shocks.

Surge protection doesn’t only benefit your electronics, however. Preventing surges saves money by reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements after extreme weather, as well as reducing the risk of electrical fires afterwards. This makes surge protection a win-win situation for your home’s overall property.

LED Lights And Other Green Upgrades

If you’re looking to make your house more sustainable while increasing its property value, investing in light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlets are great ways to reduce electrical waste. With different types of green technologies becoming more popular in home design, upgrading allows for older houses to catch up in their innovation and increase their property value.

LED’s, one of the most popular green upgrades, allow for better light quality and put an emphasis on energy efficiency. This is because LED lighting is available in a variety of different color temperatures and has a much longer lifespan when compared to traditional lights.

GCFI outlets significantly reduce electrical waste by shutting off the power quickly in the event of electrical malfunction. This helps both the safety and the efficiency of the electrical outlet by preventing electrical shock and electrocution while being designed to be environmentally friendly. This reduces their impact on the environment and conserves natural resources by using less power than traditional outlets.

Call Today For Upgrades That Will Last A Lifetime!

When you’re looking to increase your property value, a focus on safety and innovation is a must. Luckily, Axsom Air has all the supplies you need to upgrade your house safely while providing friendly and fast service. Servicing Natchitoches and the surrounding areas, we’re your one stop shop for home services and more! Call today for upgrades that you’re guaranteed to love.

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