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Zoning HVAC Systems Makes Family Happy

3 Benefits of Installing a Zoning HVAC System in Your Home

Between individual temperature preferences among family members and annoying hot and cold spots, balancing the energy needs in your home can be tricky. Zoning your home in Natchitoches, Louisiana, might be the solution to these HVAC problems. Here are three benefits of installing a zoning HVAC system in your home:

Personalized Comfort

In a central heating and air conditioning system, one thermostat controls the temperature throughout your entire home. A zoning HVAC system has a separate thermostat for each zone. This allows you to regulate the temperature in each zone based on individual preferences. In the summer, that upstairs bedroom can be set at 68 degrees to allow for better sleep while your family room is a comfortable 72.

Energy Savings

Conditioning the air in rooms that aren’t in use is an incredible waste of energy dollars. One advantage of a zoning HVAC system is that it allows you to cool or heat specific areas. By tailoring the temperature settings in each zone based on activity level, you minimize unnecessary energy consumption. As a result, you maximize energy savings.

Increased Equipment Lifespan

An AC system in a room that gets afternoon shade doesn’t need to run as often as one in a sunroom with lots of windows. In the winter, solar heat warms a room that faces south. Conversely, another room might need extra help from your furnace to combat northern winds.

A zoning HVAC system lets you take advantage of natural effects to reduce the load on your AC unit and furnace. When you reduce the wear and tear on your equipment. As a result, you can extend the life expectancy of your system by several years and minimize repair costs.

A zoning HVAC system gives you total control over your indoor environment. You won’t have to fight over the thermostat or inconsistent temperatures anymore. As a result, you’ll enjoy optimal comfort, low energy bills and the confidence that your HVAC equipment will be around for a long time. To learn more about zoning HVAC systems, contact Axsom Air Conditioning at (318) 217-2313.