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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

In the Natchitoches heat, your air conditioner feels like your lifeline. It’s essential to have a reliable system to keep you cool when temperatures get high. However, if your AC unit begins acting up and requiring frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Axsom Air prioritizes your comfort and your household needs! You can count on our team to provide top-tier results during any service. When your air conditioner’s performance is beginning to decline, our trained technicians can help you determine if you need a new system!

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Numerous factors can play a part in your unit’s service life. Proper care and attention can extend the lifespan of your system, preventing early replacement. Typically, a well-maintained air conditioner can reach a service life of 12 to 17 years before needing a new installation.

Signs It’s Time For An AC Replacement

Inadequate Cooling

As your AC grows near the end of its lifespan, your system may be unable to distribute cool air. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to call a professional technician. Your air conditioner may need a simple repair, but it also may indicate that you need a new unit.

Unit Needs Frequent Repairs

Have you noticed your unit breaking down more than usual? Every home system requires restoration every now and then, but a constant need for repairs is an issue. In retrospect, a new air conditioning system may be the more cost-efficient option, especially if the cost of repairs is half the price of a new unit.

High Energy Bills

As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less energy efficient. Older units work harder and for extended periods to adequately cool your home. The increased energy use can cause your monthly energy bill to skyrocket, costing you more than what it’s worth. When the time comes for replacement, a technician can install an energy-efficient cooling system in your home!

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner is responsible for dispersing cool air in your home, but it also should provide ventilation. If you’re noticing an abundance of dust and dirt in your home, your system most likely has a problem. Other airborne pollutants could be present in your home, such as:

  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Gasses
  • Pesticides

These contaminants can cause health problems if consistently inhaled. You may feel sick more often than usual if your indoor air quality is poor. It’s crucial to have your AC inspected to ensure your home’s ventilation is working efficiently!

Strange Sounds And Smells

You can tell a lot from your senses! Your unit should not operate with any loud noises and should not emit any abnormal smells. If you hear banging and squealing sounds or smell anything unusual, call a technician. A professional can ensure there are no immediate issues and determine if you need a new air conditioner.

Poor Humidity Control

Humidity can be an unbearable feeling, especially in Louisiana! Your air conditioner is meant to remove excessive amounts of moisture from indoors. But, if something is amiss with your unit, it may leave your home feeling stuffier than usual. Indoor humidity build-up may indicate that you need an AC replacement.

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Don’t try to power through the heat when temperatures rise! Axsom Air puts your comfort first, especially regarding your heating and cooling needs. Contact us with any questions about AC replacement in Natchitoches!

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