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4 Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Dazzle

November 22, 2022 | Blog

In Louisiana, it sure does feel a lot like summer in the fall months. Luckily, there are several outdoor lighting techniques homeowners can try out to deck their homes in the seasonal spirit — even if the weather isn’t getting the clue. 

Exterior lighting is also perfect year-round! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your backyard for hosting guests or want to create an aesthetic outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy, Axsom Air is ready for the job. 

Read on to discover four outdoor lighting tips for optimal mood setting and dazzling effects! 

String Lighting 

String lights are one of the most popular lighting options amongst homeowners because they are relatively inexpensive, customizable and easy to install. If you choose to hang your lights, it’s best to center them over your main seating area for better light distribution and design balance. 

There are many ways to line your string lights, such as in neat rows, criss-cross or canopy style. You can find net-style string lights or use individual strings to create the canopy effect. This option is perfect for achieving a covered patio look without having to install a permanent structure like a pergola or gazebo. However, if you do have some form of a pavilion, they are an excellent opportunity for hanging lights to optimize your seating space for a cozy ambiance. 

String lights don’t always have to be horizontal. You can hang them vertically along your privacy fence or down from your trees to lighten up the shadowy areas of your yard. In addition, you can also use vertical string lights to create an accent “wall” of light. Opt for solar or battery-powered lights if you don’t have easily accessible outlets. 

Hanging Patio Lights 

String lights are only one option for overhead lighting. Hanging lanterns, chandeliers and mason jar fixtures are all unique alternatives that can offer a bit more visual interest. Lanterns come in various sizes, colors and forms, such as glass, rattan or paper. Depending on the vibe you would like to set in your outdoor space, they’re also available in several trendy styles ranging from rustic to bohemian to modern. 

Make sure to keep in mind the material of which style you choose. Paper lanterns, for example, are not durable in wet conditions and may be better suited for special occasions.

If you’re looking for a more classic look that provides more concentrated light, chandeliers are an elegant option. As statement pieces, they’re best positioned over your designated seating area or dining table to provide a focal point and direct lighting over company. 

Hanging lights can also be a fun DIY project for you and the whole family to take part in. Mason jar lighting fixtures are unique, customizable and easy to build. One option is to fill the jar with sand and place small LED candles with a timer inside so that they can stay lit for as long as you prefer. 

Another popular option is to place LED string lights inside the mason jar to emit a firefly-like glow. You can hang these mason jars from your trees, pergola or posts. 

Landscape Lighting 

Accenting your landscape with lighting allows you to enjoy the natural scenery at night, creating an illuminated haven right in your very own backyard. 

String lights are ideal for big trees since it takes more light to brighten larger areas. You can either wrap them around the trunk, display them sporadically throughout the branches or hang them vertically down from the branches as noted above. The “raining light” effect works to produce a magical feel in your outdoor space. 

As for shrubbery and small plants, spotlights are great for showing them off without overpowering them. Spotlights are meant to showcase an object, directing narrow light beams upward so that your beautiful garden can remain the center of attention. 

You can use well lights, fixtures recessed in the ground, or stake lights, which are easier to install by manually driving it into the ground yourself. Place one single light source behind a plant to offer backlighting, or place several smaller lights around the plant to build a halo effect. 

Pathway Lighting 

Pathway lighting is not only a good opportunity to incorporate more light fixtures in your yard but also an important safety measure. Walkway lights warmly welcome guests and allow easier navigation through your outdoor space. There are many charming ways to light your pathway, such as with lantern posts, spotlight stakes or recessed lights. Posts and stakes are easier to install than recessed lighting and are customizable.

For example, instead of lanterns, you could hang some of your DIY mason jar fixtures from the posts to line your walkway. In addition, because they are so easy to install and remove, you can play around with different placements to fit your liking and provide optimal pathway lighting. 

Recessed lights offer a more minimalist and subdued effect. They can either be installed in the ground along your walkway or built into it. You can install these lights into various pathway materials, but they are more practical and popular in wooden or stone paths. 

Opt for solar-powered lights for a more eco-friendly option. They automatically turn on at dusk, so you never have to worry about battery replacement or turning them on and off.

Things To Keep In Mind For Lighting Installation

Light Color

For the best effect, ensure that each lighting fixture’s color temperature matches for a more cohesive outdoor atmosphere. Most people decorate with either pure white lights or soft yellow tones. 

White light offers more brightness and can liven up your outdoor space. It has blue undertones, which can be beneficial in the summer during hot and humid weather. However, people often view cool white lights as uninviting and clinical. 

Yellow light is warmer and provides a softer glow to your patio area. It helps create a more cozy setting that is both inviting and calming. However, the golden undertones may alter the colors of your patio furniture and other decors. 

Colored or color-changing lights can also add a fun pop of color to your backyard. They’re especially great for setting the mood for seasons and holidays. 

Bulb Size 

Transform your backyard into a magical garden with the use of fairy lights, which are string lights with miniature bulbs. Fairy lights work well in trees, shrubbery and mason jar lighting fixtures. Although enchanting, they do not produce much viable lighting. Opt for larger bulbs if your goal is to brighten an area significantly. 

String lights or lanterns with bigger bulbs are more appropriate for larger spaces, such as your seating area or dining table, to provide adequate brightness for guests. They also work to create a more mellow vibe as they are easier on the eyes compared to looking at several teeny tiny bulbs. 

For overall flexibility, look for outdoor lights with dimming options. Dimmable lights allow you to adjust the brightness level so you can switch it up for any mood or occasion. 

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