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How to Keep Your Heater Healthy All Winter Long

January 25, 2022 | Blog

Many homeowners tend to forget to do proper upkeep on their furnaces and have to pay the price in the winter. We don’t want the investment you put into your heater to go to waste. Our team at Axsom Air wants to make sure this does not happen to you by giving you a few simple tips to help with your furnace maintenance.

Regular Furnace Maintenance

Our number one recommendation is to schedule your regular furnace tune-up and inspection. By scheduling your furnace tune-up in the fall, our team will be there to check on your heater to ensure everything is working before the days get even colder. We will be sure to look for any issues your system may have and fix them to ensure you have a comfortable and safe winter. Let us be your number one choice for all your Natchitoches heating services!

Replace Air Filters

Along with getting regular heating tune-ups, it is also important to replace the air filters on your system. We recommend you to replace your air filters every two to three months. A question we often get is, “How do I know when it is time to replace my air filter?” Here are a few things that may factor how often to change your air filter:

  • You have a furry pet in your home
  • If you often open your windows
  • You notice dirt and dust buildup in your home
  • Someone in your household smokes

Changing your filter is relatively easy and you can do it in a few easy steps. Always follow the manual for your system and the instructions included in the filter package. But the most common way to change your filter is:

  • Turn off your furnace
  • Locate the service panel and remove it
  • Take out the existing filter
  • Slide in your new filter
  • Turn your furnace back on

If you need further assistance with replacing your air filter, give us a call, and we will be on our way to help!

Cleaning Your Furnace

Wiping down the area around your furnace and the system itself can significantly improve the lifespan of your heater. It will also help enhance the quality of air. By wiping down your heater and making sure the area is clean, the air has more room to move around freely. If you can not reach your furnace, give us a call, and we will make sure it gets a proper cleaning.

Investing in a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help considerably not only by keeping your system healthy but also help your wallet. By installing a smart thermostat, you can put your system on a schedule, which will help you not overwork your heater. There are many different smart thermostats on the market with many other capabilities. Find the one that works best for your needs, or give us a call to help you decide.

The Consequences of Neglecting Your Furnace

As we said, staying on top of your heating upkeep is vital to stay comfortable in your home. If not, many things can happen if you neglect your furnace maintenance.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real and scary possible outcome of not taking the proper measures in furnace maintenance. It is crucial to get your yearly check-up on your system to ensure no cracks that may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

This can happen if your filter is not changed regularly. Once your filters get filled with debris, your furnace and air ducts become lined with everything the filter can no longer hold. These particles will continue to spread throughout your home and can cause discomfort when you breathe or, in serious cases, illness.

Inaccurate or Varying Temperature

Your temperature not feeling accurate, or a varying temperature can also be caused by neglecting your furnace. Your heater can also break down from improper maintenance.

It is optimal if you could avoid going through the trouble of installing a new heater or spending money on extra repairs. We want to ensure that you do not have to make any of these sacrifices due to a neglected heater; that’s why your system will stay healthy all winter long and long after by following our tips.

Contact us today for any issues regarding your furnace health – we are here to help!

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