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How To Keep Your Heater Healthy All Winter Long

January 23, 2024 | Blog

Tips To Keep Your House Warm

Many homeowners tend to forget about proper upkeep for their furnaces and pay the price in the winter. A faulty system can leave you without heat during the colder season, costing you comfort and money.

Our team at Axsom Air wants to make sure you’re as cozy as can be. We’re here to share a few helpful tips to keep your house warm with heating maintenance.

Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance

The best way to care for your system is with regular furnace tune-ups. By scheduling your maintenance appointment in the fall, the Axsom Air team will check on your system and ensure everything is working before the days get colder.

We will be sure to look for any issues your system may have. You can trust our experts to fix them, ensuring a comfortable and safe winter.

Benefits Of Heating Tune-Ups

A heater that gets the benefits of seasonal tune-ups will outperform one that doesn’t. Here are some ways a professional tune-up will make your life easier:

  • Routine maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns by catching problems early.
  • Your heating system will be healthier and more efficient, lengthening its lifespan.
  • Less energy will be needed to produce heat, thus saving you money on energy bills.
  • Healthier systems produce healthier air, boosting your indoor air quality.
  • Your unit will operate efficiently for longer, keeping your heat consistent and comfortable.

Nothing beats the advantages of a professional tune-up from our certified local technicians. Let Axsom Air be your number-one choice for all your Natchitoches heating services!

Replace The Furnace Air Filters

Along with getting regular heating tune-ups, it’s also important to replace the air filters on your system. We recommend you change your filters at least every two to three months.

Keep in mind that months of increased usage will make this component dirtier faster, so during the coldest times of winter, more frequent changes might be needed. Here are a few things that may factor in how often to replace your air filter:

  • You have a furry pet in your home.
  • You often open your windows.
  • You notice dirt and dust buildup in your home.
  • Someone in your household smokes.

The cleaner your system’s filters are, the more efficiently it will produce heat for your home. When the days are at their coldest, that’s a perk you can’t ignore.

DIY Air Filter Change

Changing this component is a task many homeowners can do on their own. Follow the manual for your system and the instructions included in the filter package. The most common way to change your filter is:

  • Turn off your furnace.
  • Locate the service panel and remove it.
  • Take out the existing filter.
  • Slide in your new filter.
  • Turn your furnace back on.

If you need further assistance with replacing this component, contact our team for help!

Clean Your Heating System

Wiping your unit and cleaning its surrounding area can significantly improve your heater performance. It will also help enhance the indoor air quality.

Letting dust or debris enter your heating system will compromise its operation and can lead to malfunctions. Regular cleanings help the air have more room to move around freely.

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can keep your system healthy and cut monthly utility costs. When installing a smart thermostat, you can put your system on a schedule, which will help prevent your unit from overworking itself.

Many advanced models are available with varying features, giving you specialized thermostat settings for winter.

Check For Drafts And Proper Insulation

If you’re wondering how to keep electric bills down in winter, proper insulation is the answer! Drafts allow cold air to seep into your home. When this occurs, your system will overwork itself to heat your home. Your energy bills will rise as the system accounts for the extra cold.

By insulating your house and sealing up drafts, you’ll have less exposure to allergens and save money.

The Consequences Of Neglecting Your Furnace

Staying on top of your heating upkeep is vital to maintaining comfort in your home. Otherwise, many issues can occur if you neglect your furnace maintenance.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous and a possible outcome of not taking the proper maintenance measures. It is crucial to schedule this regular service for your system to find cracks or damage that may release this gas.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Without regular upkeep, your indoor air quality can suffer. Impurities may spread throughout your home and can cause discomfort or illness. Poor indoor air quality is especially noticeable for people with seasonal allergies.

Inaccurate Or Varying Temperature

Inaccurate temperatures can occur when your system isn’t regularly maintained. To combat this issue, schedule professional tune-ups and ensure consistent indoor temperatures.

Schedule Your Next HVAC Tune-Up With Ease

Axsom Air wants to ensure your heater gets all the care it needs. By following these tips and making use of regular services, your system will stay healthy all winter and long. Contact our team for any issues regarding your furnace health — we are here to help!

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