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Heater Repair Scare Tactics [Don't Fall For It!]

We understand that having issues with your plumbing, electricity or HVAC system can be incredibly stressful, and seeking out reliable repairs and service can be daunting. It can be difficult to figure out how to pick a good HVAC contractor — and without in-depth, technical knowledge of whatever is broken, it can often feel like companies are trying to milk you for every dollar they can.

Axsom Air strives to be better. It’s our goal that our customers feel confident with every decision they make with us, and we do our best to equip them with the information they need so they can approach these situations with as much knowledge as possible. That’s why we are here to warn you about several heater repair scare tactics often employed by our competition and how to best avoid them.

3 Most Common Scare Tactics

The Ol’ “You Need A New Furnace Because Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger”

A crack in your heat exchanger is a very real problem and can lead to toxic gasses leaking into your air vents. HOWEVER, heat exchanger cracks are very rare and less than-trustworthy technicians will often diagnose a smaller issue as a cracked heat exchanger to convince homeowners to purchase an entirely new furnace.

Axsom is fully aware that this type of deception is the worst way to gain loyal customers. We suggest that if a technician quickly tries to convince you that your heat exchanger is cracked, a second opinion could go a long way in saving you thousands in unnecessary replacement costs.

The Offer That’s “Too Good To Be True”

For a company to be deceptive, they need a reason to be in your home in the first place. To facilitate this communication, many companies will offer services and programs that attempt to draw in customers with a good deal so they can be sold on unnecessary repairs and replacements later. Remember, a company will rarely offer a free or excessively cheap service without having some sort of ulterior motive.

The “Your Life Is In Danger If You Don’t Buy Our Services” Sales Pitch

The threat of bodily harm is usually enough to scare even the toughest homeowners. If a technician ever tries to sell you a service as a life-saving solution, it’s probably not that serious — and we suggest you get a second opinion.

At Axsom, we are fully aware that we wouldn’t survive long as a company if we just allowed our customers to stay in truly life-threatening situations, no company would. That’s why we are confident in saying that in most cases when you are being sold a service as a solution to avoid serious injury, we suggest you get a second opinion.

How To Avoid Scams

Scams can be hard to avoid, but with a little bit of knowledge, you can significantly lower your chances of doing business with shady companies. Here are a few steps anyone can take to make sure they only source the most professional heater repair teams possible:

  • Do your research/Check online reviews
  • Check how long the company has been in business
  • Verify licenses and certifications
  • Get everything in writing
  • Get multiple opinions
  • Choose Axsom Air for all of your heater repair needs!

Axsom: Professional, Trustworthy, The Best Heater Repair In Natchitoches

At Axsom Air, we’ve spent the last 25 years establishing a proven reputation for honesty and respect for our customers. All of our work is backed by the “Fixed Right or It’s Free Guarantee”. If anything about our work is unsatisfactory, not only will we come back and correct it, but we’ll provide a full refund for everything you paid.

So, if you require any service for your plumbing, electric or HVAC, feel free to contact our customer service team today and be confident that you’ll be treated to the highest standards of home service possible.

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Aaron came for a heating/air tune-up, my first time using Axsom. He called first, was on time, very polite and informative and gave me great tips to save money and I am definitely going to sign up with them from this point on. Excellent service!

Angela W.

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Very friendly and knowledgeable service technician named Aaron. Explained what he will be doing and answered our questions. He completed his work and told us about their maintenance plan for HVAC. We purchased the yearly maintenance plan. Would recommend this company.

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Over the years AxsomAir has been dependable and reasonably priced. Anthony has been the main person we have seen the last couple years. He has guided us in everything from choosing an entire new system to trouble shooting issues. He is pleasant and gets the issue resolved.

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